We are a small urban community 20 miles south of San Francisco in two 4-unit apartment buildings facing the lagoon between San Mateo and Foster CityWe share gardening, some meals, and other interests. There are more than three dozen fruit trees and extensive organic gardens.

photo by Clay Smith

We enjoy the view from our spa, deck, and dock. This location is wonderful: lots of birds, sunrises and moonrises over the water, access to a bike path a 1/2 block away, large park with playground, tennis courts, etc., one-two blocks away, other recreational opportunities nearby with the city amenities of proximity to freeway and public transportation including express buses to downtown San Francisco and to the San Francisco Airport as well as to the East Bay. This gives us a connection to the BART extension. Caltrain is a little over a mile away and also connects to BART at our closest station in Millbrae.

Originally we were looking at the co housing model and though this is not the way cohousing usually forms, it seemed like a viable alternative in the high priced San Francisco Bay area.  It did not seem too different that the N Street model. I have heard this type of model called virtual cohousing or urban retrofit development. Temescal Creek Cohousing in Berkeley is another retrofit cohousing community. There have been several different cohousing core groups on the Peninsula working on developing the traditional cohousing model but both have disbanded because of the difficult in finding an appropriate site at a reasonable cost.  Later I became more aware of the ecovillage model and that felt more like what we were up to. While waiting…..and waiting to purchase our second building all community members besides the founders were renters. We welcome others to become co-owners though may be still keeping one or two apartments as rentals. During the housing crisis, the mortgage market had made it close to impossible to have co-owners and we became primarily a community of renters.  As the real estate market began to improve in 2013, we began looking for owners again. 

A series of photos taken between 2008-2011… I love taking pictures of the garden.  I have lots more.  Historic website, no longer being updated since I switched to WordPress for ease of editing.

Email sanda at greensolutions.org or call Sanda and Brian Everette at (650) 574-7155.

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